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Education @IndianaUniversityBloomingon

B.A. Fine Art, Degree Concentrations: Graphic Design, Photography, Ceramics



Current Work @FandomForward

I am a staff volunteer working as part of a team that develops and designs content for Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We create regular posts and run multiple themed campaigns each month. We also use Facebook, TikTok, and Discord to connect with our community. Fandom Forward is a non-profit organization that provides education, resources, and community for young people who are seeking to become social activists. Our social media, therefore, focuses on being accurate, accessible, and fair. I also design monthly toolkits for our global chapter leaders to use to organize and run their chapter activities.

11/22/2019 - Present


Current Employment @OhioDeptOfHealth

COVID-19 Vaccine Management Team: State-wide vaccine allocation management and logistics, provider support, and account management for

1/23/2021 - Present


AB Memes @SevenYearsOfMemes


4/13/2014 - Present


Recent Employment @ColumbusMuseumOfArt

This summer, I taught two week-long workshops @ColumbusMuseum, celebrating and teaching students about the life and work of Aminah Robinson, an amazing Columbus artist. They were part of the Summer Art Workshops program and were day camps for 1st-4th graders. As an Artist Educator, I had the opportunity to instruct the students in multiple techniques and mediums including bookbinding, sewing, painting, sculpture, and papercraft.

6/7/2021, 7/11/2021


Previous Employment @BlickArtMaterials

Prior to the store closing during the pandemic, I was a sales associate at Blick Art Materials.



Previous Employment @OhioENTandAllergyPhyscians

I ran the medical records department of a private practice for six years. I was in charge of patient records, scheduling, digitization of records, and editing dictated correspondence. 

2013 - 2019


Do More, Better @SomethingNew

I am so excited about even having a chance to join the team @SomethingNew...

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 5.23.52 PM.png

Coming Soon



Related Skills @NotAUnitasker

Able to manage, schedule, and prioritize multiple projects at the same time; quick turnaround on design projects; strong understanding of resolution and scaling of images, as well as scaling of design across devices; created a handy list of dimensions to maximize images on all social media platforms and uses; able to read, track, and use social media analytics; knowledge of most main social media platforms and related scheduling software; Photoshop manipulation; digital illustration; basic video editing and motion graphics; video captioning; meeting accessibility standards; knows where to find all of the good stock photos; creation and use of brand identity style guides; deep appreciation of puns; pretty good taste in movies; ability to tell when something is just a joke; ability to tell when a joke is inappropriate for social media; strong knowledge of design styles and history; sincere passion for alternative education



Unrelated Skills @ActualMultitasker

Book binding, paper making, knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, costume design, chain maille, jewelry smithing, cloisonné, furniture design, basic carpentry, electric and manual potters wheels, kiln firing with cones, 35mm b/w film development, photo printing, printmaking, gardening, horticulture, singing, high ropes course safety, counseling, mediating


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